Content Marketing

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

— Lee Odden, Marketer and Author

How is Content Considered Marketing?

Content marketing is strategically creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content designed to attract and engage an audience. This strategy creates loyalty, trust and increases profitable customer action.

Content marketing has become an important piece of an integrated marketing plan in recent years due to increased use of online and mobile platforms (including your website and social platforms). People trust ads less and are not interacting with digital ads as much as they were in the recent past, particularly on mobile.

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing does not try to directly sell a product or service. Rather, it aims to capture mindshare with valuable, relevant information that is informative, educational or inspiring. In this way, content marketing succeeds in creating interest and awareness of the brand and its offerings.

The best kind of content marketing gently leads the reader to convert their interest into some form of action – clicking on a website link, downloading additional information, filling out a form, requesting a demo or contacting a sales rep.

How is the content used?

Great content elicits an emotional response, helps your audience solve problems or supplies helpful information. Our team works with you to develop customized content approaches that fit your organization, target market and objectives. We help you accomplish specific goals, from building your email list to nurturing prospective customers. Each article or blog post will consider your audience and how the information you’re providing can solve a problem or fill a need.

There are four primary types of content.  Which areas you choose to focus on is a critical part of your content marketing strategy. We will help you along the way.

Earned Media
Earned content is coverage or media mentions by other publishers or sites. It provides great visibility.

Shared Media
Shared content is community-driven, social media-driven and co-created content. With a shared strategy, we are helping to get more views, comments and shares.

Owned Media
Owned content is just that – you own and have direct control over this content. This includes your website, blog, newsletter, even your social media pages.

Paid Media
Paid media can include paid search, social media campaigns, display ads and sponsored content.

Engage Your Audience with Dynamic Content Marketing.

Generate leads and connect with your audience through engaging content that leads to more customer interactions and increased awareness of your brand. Let us help you develop a digital marketing strategy that connects with your audience, sets you apart from the competition and provides customer growth and loyalty.

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