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62% of respondents say their firm is increasing its focus on marketing.

— Joint Legal Marketing Association/Bloomberg Law Research study

Looking for New Clients or Talent?

Most law firms are interested in finding quality clients or attracting key talent. One way to accomplish both of those goals is to execute a strategic integrated marketing plan.

Don’t buy leads. As you know, your best source for quality leads is referrals. The next best source for quality, organic leads is Google. When someone is in need of a lawyer they no longer turn to the yellow pages, in fact, 97% go to Google.

The reality is, more than 70% of people prefer learning about your firm by doing online research before talking to anyone. They want to able to have many basic questions answered and get free, basic advice with online articles. Furthermore, most are doing this research on a phone, so your website needs to have a good user experience for mobile devices.

Let us help market your firm.

We make sure you understand what is working and what should be adjusted by tracking, measuring and analyzing everything you are doing. We are effective in improving leads and developing trust by executing a variety of tactics including:

  • Website evaluation with design/development recommendations. Your website is your first impression, so you can’t compromise on quality.
  • Your website must be professional, mobile-friendly, easily found on Google, appealing, fast, authoritative and secure.
  • Increase your visibility online beyond your website with paid advertising (Pay-per-click on Google), LinkedIn profile development, video marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • Develop a content marketing plan to establish your firm as an authoritative source and build trust.
  • Manage your reputation online.

Our legal marketing plans are set up to work with little to no intervention from your team, so you can authorize a campaign and then let us work. There’s no easier way to get the benefits of digital marketing. Contact us today to get started.

Let’s get started.

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