Nonprofit Specialization

“If nonprofit organizations are going to be innovative and
create a robust future for the fundraising sector, we must evolve.”

— Andrea McManus, ViTreo Group

Helping Build Consistent Support.

For most nonprofits to thrive, support can’t be an isolated event. It’s the end result of an effective message being conveyed in multiple channels. It’s about developing trust and a passion for your cause. At adamplifi, our team creates a cohesive message through every component of your digital presence. We’re here to build engagement, help you have more successful campaigns and reinforce your cause and associated brand.
We are a marketing partner that pays special attention to key metrics like impressions generated, conversations made and, ultimately, financial support.

This begins with your website, which is your first impression. Your website must be professional, mobile-friendly, easily found on Google, appealing, fast, authoritative and secure. The content on every page of your website should be carefully crafted to accomplish a specific objective.

Branding & Messaging.

Your organization has a rich story. Our team will help tell it better. It begins with a narrative that clearly connects your audience to the organization by positioning its mission in the most meaningful way. Then the message is deployed in multiple channels with many engagement points.

Experience and Execution.

We infuse the experience of working in the nonprofit industry with a combination of smart strategic thinking and the understanding of what digital strategies can return more on your investment. This enables us to create custom marketing programs designed to further enhance emotional engagement to your cause through each step of the donor journey. Let us help you improve your:

  • Website and microsites
  • Landing pages
  • Social initiatives
  • Email campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Mobile communications
  • Print collateral
  • Video productions

Let Us Create and Execute Your Marketing Campaigns.

Like all our services, our nonprofit marketing plans are set up to work with little to no intervention from your team, so you can authorize a campaign and then let us work. There’s no easier way to get the benefits of digital marketing. Contact us today to get started.

Let’s get started.

We want to help you define a brand promise that inspires giving and then create a custom integrated marketing plan that can deliver a phenomenal return on your investment. Contact us today to get started.