Social Media Marketing

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology”

— Brian Solis, Analyst and Author

Value of Social Media Marketing.

Why is it important for your business to have a social media strategy?

Since the early 2000s, social media platforms have revolutionized the way people connect with one another. Today, there are over 2.5 billion active users of social media worldwide. Business owners who take advantage of the ocean-sized lead pool created by social media channels will undoubtedly reel in a boatload of benefits.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing.

Is there a better way to understand how people view your company than listening to candid conversations? Social media allows you to “listen in” on things happening within your target market that may relate to your company or industry. Your customers and competition are using social media (especially younger customers):

  • 79% of U.S. adults have at least one social media profile.
  • The average person has 7 social media accounts.
  • Internet users spend nearly 2.5 hours on social networks and social messaging every day.
  • 88% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use social media.
  • 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 say social media would be hard to give up.

Engage with your customers. 

Social media is all about connecting with people, which is also the core of marketing and advertising. When you combine the two, you have a new way of accomplishing the same goal. Here are some social solutions to help meet specific goals:

  • Develop two-way communication with those who are likely to be the most interested in what you have to offer
  • Build a loyal community by providing your followers with special discounts, exclusive products, contests or inside information
  • Generate new leads: We will help you use social media to get email subscribers, event registrants, and new leads.
  • Increase online sales: If you are doing e-commerce, we will use social to run promotions and paid social ads to increase sales.
  • Drive website traffic: increase traffic to blog posts or product pages on your website, share links on social media to drive traffic back to your site.
  • Increase brand awareness: This is good for newer businesses that are trying to make their brand more well-known through growing and engaging a social media following.
  • Strengthen customer support: In addition to your website, you can use social media as a hub to interact with customers online.

Currently, the number of brands present on two or more social media platforms has surpassed 90%, and Facebook reports to reach over 50 million small business users. Despite this level of online presence, business owners consistently report that social media is the second most difficult marketing tactic to execute effectively (immediately behind Search Engine Optimization, AKA SEO). Business owners believe that learning how to properly utilize social media platforms is time consuming, and that their time would be better spent on other marketing tactics.

Need Help? 

With so many benefits tied to using social media, you’re probably wondering how to move your business forward using such a powerful tool. Posting in social channels can be intimidating, and oftentimes you might be left wondering if you have anything worth posting at all.

It’s important to create social media content that provides value to your customers without hocking spam day in and day out. To succeed on social media you need to know your consumers and keep them entertained. Don’t have time to test the waters? Contact us today and we can help.

Let’s get started.

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