With so many marketing channels available, is email marketing still an important tactic within an integrated marketing strategy?

The simple answer is yes. Email marketing is more efficient than almost any other tactic, delivering a healthy return on investment.  It is generally an affordable and attractive option for companies that want to grow, reach, and engage their target audiences.

Email marketing continues to be the greatest driver of revenue for many businesses. Furthermore, revenue from email marketing ROI continues to improve year over year. This suggests that consumers are continuing to engage with brands through email marketing.

Most studies show email delivering $38 – $40 per dollar invested, which is almost twice the amount of other high performing strategies like search engine optimization and keyword ads.  

Research done by Campaign Monitor shows more than 50% of users prefer to get updates from the brands they follow through email.

I recently came across this group of statistics compiled by Campaign Monitor in an article by ReadWrite:

  • Messages are five times more likely to be read via email than on Facebook. –Radicati
  • Email acquires 40 times more new customers than Twitter or Facebook –McKinsey
  • Your content will be shared with your email followers three times more than any other visitors. –QuickSprout
  • 92% of all adults online use email, and 61% use it on any given day. –Pew Research
  • Targeted and segmented emails account for generating 58% of all revenues. –DMA
  • Email open rates are highest when a company sends two emails monthly. –Database Marketing Institute

Here are five reasons we believe email marketing is a good investment for any size business.

1. People check their email 

This is one of the major reasons why email marketing is so effective. Not only do most people have an email account already they check it regularly.  According to Hubspot, more than 50% of people in the U.S. check their email more than 10 times per day. 99% of consumers check their email at least once a day.  

2. It’s not difficult to grow your distribution list

By creating simple forms on your website anyone who visits can enter in their email which will be compiled into a list to be uploaded and added to your distribution list. 

3. You can continually test and improve results

With email marketing, you can create new tests with every send to determine what works best for open rates, click-through rates, and more importantly, creating sales. As you perfect your email strategy and execution, you’ll find that conversions continue to improve.

4. It can be personalized

Testing has shown that companies who use personal email styles have a higher rate of success than those who don’t.  

5. You can continue to target the same quality audience

When you capture an email address, the person providing the address has agreed to receive communications from you.  So, by using an email marketing strategy that educates, informs, inspires and offers value, you’re able to target the same audience over and over again without them denying you that privilege or “unsubscribing”.  This is incredibly valuable because it takes multiple interactions with a brand for most consumers to respond.